I Found U

A Lift-the- Flap Children’s Book about Indiana University

ifounduspreadIndiana University does not have an official mascot, but that didn’t stop Angie Klink from writing her second mascot children’s book, I Found U, featuring the southern Indiana school.

Indiana University’s iconic letters I and U are turned into characters for Klink’s rhyming, lift-the-flap children’s book.

The book centers on I looking for U. The letters-turned- characters have big eyes and no need for legs. The key element of I Found U is that I elicits a child’s help in finding his buddy, U.

The reader travels with I through the Indiana University campus searching for the lost U by lifting and peering under fun, die-cut flaps. I Found U captures the thrill of the hunt with a tactile, interactive design that kids—ages 8 years and younger—love.

For an Indiana fan, I Found U is a winner, simply because it’s about IU. The book contains endearing illustrations of Assembly Hall, Memorial Stadium, Sample Gates, Showalter Fountain, Rose Well House, the Jordan River, and the longtime annual Little 500 bike race.

The book stands firmly as a wonderful children’s book, winning the heart of a child with its spunky, rhyming tale and charming design.

I Found U is sold at TIS Bookstore in Bloomington, Indiana.