Five Deans Walking

Deans Helen B. Schleman, M. Beverley Stone, Barbara I. Cook, Betty M. Nelson, and Dorothy C. Stratton
Purdue’s North Golf Course (Kampen Course) in July 1987. Photo by Dave Umberger

Five Deans Walking

This photo of five women walking shoulder-to-shoulder led me to write The Deans’ Bible. Over the course of several years when I attended Purdue University “women’s events,” I repeatedly saw the photo on posters and invitations, as if it were the only representation of women on Purdue’s campus.

I did not know much about the quintet, but every time I saw the picture, the women walked toward me, and I thought, There’s a story.

Until I began my research, I had no idea how much of a story there was to tell—the untold accounts of discrimination; the quiet battles for equality; the deep connections among the five women; a century-worth of unwavering support of one another, women students, and women faculty.

I did not know there was a secret Bible.

No one knew outside of the deans’ circle.

Until I wrote the book.

—Angie Klink, Author, The Deans’ Bible